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Update on insect activity - alfalfa weevils and army cutworms

Alfalfa weevils have started feeding in fields in north central Kansas. Does this activity warrant treatment yet? Army cutworm larvae are still active as well. How much longer will they continue their feeding?

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Insect update on alfalfa weevils and pea aphids - April 17, 2020

The latest update from K-State Extension Entomology on insect activity across Kansas includes alfalfa weevils and pea/cowpea aphids. What effect, if any, has the recent cold temperatures had on these insects?

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Spring insect activity in Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and army cutworms

Get the latest update on insect activity in alfalfa and wheat fields. Alfalfa weevil larvae have been hatching throughout south central and north central Kansas for the last couple of weeks. Army cutworms are again relatively common this year.

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Insect activity report for Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and pea aphids

Get the latest update on the activity of alfalfa weevils and pea aphids in this article from Extension Entomologist Jeff Whitworth. Learn how to estimate the level of infestation and when a treatment threshold has been reached.

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Alfalfa weevil and aphid populations in alfalfa - update as of April 21

Alfalfa weevil larvae continue to be very active in Kansas. Larvae started hatching about 3 weeks ago, and are still doing so even in treated fields. Scout your fields!

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Insect activity update - alfalfa weevils

The first pest problem affecting alfalfa every year is usually the alfalfa weevil. It's important to start scouting alfalfa fields and pay attention to treatment thresholds. If left unchecked, alfalfa weevils can defoliate plants prior to the first cutting.

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Monitor alfalfa weevils using degree days and scouting

Alfalfa weevil activity began early this year in Oklahoma and it appears that degree day accumulation for alfalfa weevils is well ahead of normal for most areas in Kansas. Alfalfa weevil degree days are a great way to estimate insect activity in the field and serve as a useful tool to know when to time scouting. Learn more in this article.

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Update on alfalfa pests in Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and pea aphids

Alfalfa weevils have been hatching throughout the eastern half of Kansas since at least March 20. Also, pea aphids are increasing throughout north central Kansas. This article discusses these two alfalfa pests found in locations in eastern and north central Kansas this spring.

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Insect activity in alfalfa - May 17, 2023

Problems with alfalfa weevils, coupled with the dry conditions, have been really severe this year. The article gives an update on the current level of weevil activity and what farmers need to know moving forward into late spring/early summer.

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