Agronomy eUpdate April 11th, 2024

Issue 999

Pre-emergence herbicides for soybeans

Pre-emergence herbicides are the foundation of any excellent weed control program in soybeans. Using multiple effective residual herbicides is important to broaden the spectrum of controlled weeds, ensure herbicide activation in various environments, and guard against herbicide resistance.

soybeans weed control pre-emergence residual herbicides 

Off-target movement of herbicides with wind erosion

Spring in Kansas means the potential for high winds. The critical wind erosion period is when agricultural fields are particularly vulnerable due to higher wind speeds than normal and low vegetative cover on fields. What does this soil erosion mean for recently applied herbicide and off-target movement? Learn more in this article.

herbicide erosion wind erosion off target movement 

Soybean row spacing in Kansas

There are still many questions about row spacing for soybean production. In this article, we present a summary of recent research from K-State. From 2015 to 2017, a series of six on-farm experiments were conducted across eastern and central Kansas.

soybeans row spacing 

The Endangered Species Act: What you need to know

The EPA's herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide strategies are expected to change, and they have yet to be finalized. The strategies aim to minimize the exposure of protected species to pesticides. Changes will include additional runoff, erosion, and spray drift reduction measures for many products. This article helps explain how to be prepared for the changes.

label requirements EPA Endangered Species 

Integrated Pest Management: New resource to help identify weeds in Kansas

Agronomists, farmers, extension agents, and agriculture students now have a new resource created by the Kansas State University Integrated Pest Management team that is available to help them identify 13 common Kansas weeds. A card deck provides an innovative resource to teach identification skills and a way to see the different growth stages of the plant.

weeds identification pest management IPM 

Several K-State publications on insect pest management updated for 2024

Several K-State Research and Extension publications related to insect management in Kansas were recently updated and are available to the public. These publications were prepared to help producers manage insect populations using the best available methods proven practical under Kansas conditions.

insects publication