Agronomy eUpdate April 3rd, 2020

Issue 793

What are the causes of yellow wheat?

A common question around this time of year deals with yellow discoloration in wheat. Learn about the different causes for yellow wheat in the spring.

wheat disease yellow wheat nutrient deficiency freeze injury 

UPDATE - Potential for spring freeze injury to wheat on April 3, 2020

Many areas of Kansas experienced freezing temperatures on April 3, 2020. How cold and for how long are both factors that help determine the potential for injury to wheat. Read about other factors in this article and what our specialists say about this latest cold snap.

wheat freeze injury 

Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - April 2, 2020

Selection of the optimal planting date is an important decision faced by all farmers. Rather than looking at the calendar, farmers should monitor soil temperature and moisture. Read the latest update from K-State Extension Agronomy.

corn soil moisture soil temperature planting date 

Pre-emergence herbicides for corn

Applications of pre-emergence herbicides at or before corn planting are important to minimize yield losses to early-emerging weeds. Learn more about this weed management practice in this article.

corn weed control pre-plant herbicide 

Weed management considerations for flooded fields

Many fields across Kansas and neighboring states were covered by flood waters during portions of 2019. These fields may need special considerations when it comes to weed management.

weed control flooded fields 

Placement and rate considerations for nitrogen application with starter fertilizer

What types of considerations concerning placement and rates of starter fertilizer should producers keep in mind this spring? Read more from Dr. Ruiz Diaz, K-State's Soil Fertility Extension Specialist.

corn nitrogen starter fertilizer phosphorus 

Update on insect activity - alfalfa weevils and army cutworms

Alfalfa weevils have started feeding in fields in north central Kansas. Does this activity warrant treatment yet? Army cutworm larvae are still active as well. How much longer will they continue their feeding?

insects alfalfa army cutworms alfalfa weevils 

Severe weather preparedness during COVID-19

Regardless of the current COVID-19 situation, people should be prepared for a severe weather outbreak. What adjustments might be needed if social distancing is in place during a tornado warning? Read more here!

severe weather COVID-19 

Review of drought-tolerant corn hybrids: Yield benefits

Drought may not be on anyone's mind today. However, the growing season is long and conditions can change later in the year. Here is a review of some K-State research on drought-tolerant corn hybrids.

yield forecast corn hybrids drought-tolerant 

K-State's Soil Testing Lab and Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab are OPEN!

Both the KSU Soil Testing Laboratory and the Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory are open and accepting samples from producers and homeowners. Submission of samples has been modified due to new distancing guidelines. Please read about these changes in this article.

Soil Testing Lab Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab