Agronomy eUpdate March 28th, 2024

Issue 997

Update - Soil temperature and moisture status in Kansas

After a cooling trend during the last week of March, air temperatures across Kansas seem to be back to normal again. The forecast calls for at or above normal temperatures into April. Planting decisions should consider the current soil temperatures and the short-term forecast rather than calendar dates.

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2024 Kansas wheat: Crop conditions and risk of freeze injury

Cold air temperatures occurred during March 26-27 across Kansas, which could potentially cause freeze injury to the 2024 Kansas wheat crop. Several factors influence the potential for freeze injury. The challenge is integrating all these factors into a reasonable estimate of freeze injury. Learn more in this article.

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Injury symptoms from freeze damage to wheat

The recent cold temperatures experienced during March 26-27 were enough to cause freeze damage to winter wheat in parts of Kansas. The actual freeze damage will be region-specific depending on the crop growth stage and the duration of minimum temperatures. In this article, we discuss the individual conditions that might help growers prioritize fields to be assessed for injury symptoms.

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First hollow stem update - March 27, 2024

Cattle should be removed from wheat pastures when the crop reaches first hollow stem (FHS). This report provides producers with an update on the progress of FHS development in different wheat varieties. For producers, it is extremely important to monitor FHS from an ungrazed portion of each individual wheat pasture.

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Optimal corn seeding rate recommendations

The optimal corn seeding rate is a management variable that depends on the hybrid and the interaction with the environment. Although specific hybrids can respond differently, the following guidelines presented in this article may help producers decide if their selected corn seeding rates need to be adjusted.

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Soybean planting date and maturity group selection

This article presents tips for selecting the best planting date and maturity group for soybeans in Kansas. Key practices must not be overlooked to maximize yield. The planting date is one of the primary management practices under the farmer's control that can highly influence soybean yields.

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