Agronomy eUpdate February 22nd, 2024

Issue 992

Late winter kochia control in fields going to corn or grain sorghum

Last week, we shared information about pre-emergence herbicides for kochia control. This week, we focused on specific options for fields going to corn or grain sorghum this growing season. It is critical to start the growing season with clean fields.

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Wheat streak mosaic virus confirmed in three counties in Kansas in 2024

Wheat streak mosaic virus has been confirmed in Russel, Barton, and Ellis counties in 2024. Now is an excellent time to start scouting for this disease. Wheat streak mosaic virus is just one of several viruses that you need to be on the lookout for. Here is a review of some key facts about wheat viruses.

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2023 Kansas Performance Tests reports for corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, and sunflowers

The 2023 Kansas Performance Test Reports for corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, and sunflowers are now available online. These reports include the results of the crop performance trials. Each report also includes a summary of the 2023 crop, with a detailed discussion summarizing the statewide growing conditions, diseases, and insects.

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Corn management in Kansas for 2024

K-State Research and Extension has released a popular publication updated for the 2024 growing season - "Kansas Corn Management 2024". This publication advises producers, crop consultants, and agronomists to manage Kansas corn crops as efficiently and profitably as possible. This comprehensive guide is written specifically for Kansas and includes valuable, up-to-date information.

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Wheat Rx seminars - Get your prescription for next year's wheat crop

Mark the calendar now for two upcoming Wheat Rx seminars in Dodge City and Wichita. Speakers will discuss cover crops and soil health, the role of wheat in a cropping system, soil fertility, fungicides, and economics of wheat production. These programs are part of a partnership between Kansas Wheat and K-State Research and Extension.

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K-State Crop Talk webinar series kicks off on February 20

The popular K-State Crop Talk webinar series is back and kicked off on February 20. There is still time to catch the following three Crop Talk webinars. Join us over your lunch hour to hear about different agronomy topics affecting farmers in central and western Kansas.

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