Agronomy eUpdate November 2nd, 2023

Issue 981

Control of mustards in wheat - Timely treatment is important

Mustard plants such as field pennycress, bushy wallflower, flixweed, tansy mustard, and blue mustard in wheat fields often are not noticed until the mustards start to bloom in the spring. To minimize yield losses, mustards should be controlled by late winter or early spring before the stems begin to elongate or bolt.

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World of Weeds - Toothed spurge

Toothed spurge is a summer annual plant distributed across the United States. Some Extension clients reached out during late summer and early fall with questions about toothed spurge in their fields. The plant is sometimes called green poinsettia or summer poinsettia. Learn more about this weed in this World of Weeds article for November.

World of Weeds toothed spurge 

K-State plans winter canola field tours on Nov. 6

Kansas State University, Scoular, and the Great Plains Canola Association will host field tours in Kingman and Sumner counties on Nov. 6 in Kansas to highlight the marketing of winter canola and fall management decisions. These field tours are open to the public and free to attend.

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2023 K-State Crop Pest Management Schools - Dec. 5 and 6

K-State Research and Extension and the NW Region Extension Counties/Districts are hosting two Crop Pest Management Schools. The first is set for Dec. 5 in Colby, and the second will occur in Russell on Dec. 6. Join us in person to learn how to control the latest pests weeds, insects, and diseases affecting all crops in central and western Kansas! Registration is open at a reduced cost until Nov. 27!

Crop Pest Schools