Agronomy eUpdate August 17th, 2023

Issue 970

Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing

Wheat planting will be here before too long in Kansas. Now is the time to get soil sampling done to have good information to base your fertilizer inputs on. This is particularly important after drought and lower-than-expected yields for previous crops. Due to variable conditions and yield levels across the state, fertilizer needs may require adjustments based on soil tests

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Soil fertility and wheat production: Profile nitrate levels and wheat yield

This article addresses the correlation between the amount of nitrate in the soil profile and wheat yield. Failure to account for the N present in the soil wastes a valuable resource. Soil sampling in the fall for nitrate can have a significant impact on N recommendations for winter wheat in Kansas soils.

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Wheat streak mosaic virus: Early control of volunteer is crucial

Wheat streak mosaic virus could be problematic this coming season, with rainfall encouraging volunteer development in parts of Kansas. One of the best preventative measures for wheat streak is the control of volunteer wheat early and often after harvest. Other than timely control of volunteer wheat, genetic resistance is also an important tool to help control wheat streak mosaic virus.

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Update on sugarcane aphids in Kansas

Sugarcane (sorghum) aphids were first detected migrating into Kansas in mid-July this year. This article discusses how widespread the aphids are in Kansas and when treatment might be warranted. Proper identification is important as different species of aphids are often mistaken for sugarcane aphids. Learn more in this article.

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K-State Field Research Reports for 2023 are now available online

The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Field Research Reports include preliminary results of research conducted on production and management practices for crops in Kansas. This recently released report includes research summaries on canola, corn, grain sorghum, tillage management, soybeans, weather station reports, weed management, and winter wheat.

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