Agronomy eUpdate August 10th, 2023

Issue 969

Pre-emergence herbicides in wheat

Pre-emergence herbicides with residual activity are an important component of high-yielding cropping systems. While used less frequently compared to other cropping systems, residual herbicides applied prior to wheat emergence can be part of a good weed management system in wheat production.

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Field bindweed can be difficult to control

Field bindweed is a particularly troublesome weed to control. Management of this weed during wheat establishment is important because field bindweed continues to grow until temperatures drop below 20 degrees F. A single herbicide application will not achieve satisfactory control of field bindweed.

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Southern rust is now active in central and eastern Kansas

Southern corn rust continues to spread in the southern part of the US and is now detected in seven counties across central and eastern Kansas. This article lists the counties with confirmed cases of southern rust and answers some frequently asked questions related to this disease.

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Update on tar spot of corn - August 10, 2023

Tar spot is now active in all Kansas counties previously reported during the 2022 season, which was first detected late in the season on Sept. 15, 2022. Tar spot prevalence and severity seem to be much higher than in the 2022 season. Now is a critical time to identify fields with tar spot as these locations may be at higher risk for the disease next year.

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Soybean aphids detected in Northeast Kansas

Soybean aphids have been detected for the first time this year in northeast Kansas. Soybean aphids have migrated into the state every year since 2002 but only reached a treatable threshold for two or three of those years. Soybean growers should monitor their fields for these aphids. Learn more in this article.

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Rainfall in southwest Kansas this growing season ranks in the top five since 1895

The meteorological start of the 2023 growing season was on April 1. The average precipitation across southwest Kansas for this 4-month period is 16.29 inches which ranks as the 5th wettest April-July on record in that division, dating back to the start of official climate records in 1895.

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Have problems with Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans?

Do you have problems with Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybeans? We are in search of grower fields with symptomatic Sudden Death Syndrome plants for us to sample. Within the past two weeks, SDS has been reported in several counties in the eastern and central parts of Kansas. Contact us if you can help!

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2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest - Entry deadline Nov. 15

National Sorghum Producers is accepting entries for the 2023 National Sorghum Yield Contest. State and national winners are selected from contestants split into east and west regions for each division, which includes irrigated, dryland no-till, dryland tillage, and one overall winner for food grade. The entry deadline is November 15.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for July 2023

The latest Ag-Climate Update summarizes the weather across Kansas during the month of July. Above-normal rainfall led to improvements in drought conditions in many areas, with particular emphasis in western Kansas. Across Kansas, there were 402 severe weather events in July, including 2 tornadoes, 105 damaging hail reports, and 305 high wind events.

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Updated - Western Kansas Fall Field Days set for three locations in late August

This article contains updated registration links for all three Western Kansas Fall Field Days! Get registered today for one near you. These events are open to the public and are free to attend with a meal provided at each location. Locations and dates are Tribune (Aug. 22), Hays (Aug. 23), and Garden City (Aug. 24).

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