Agronomy eUpdate July 20th, 2023

Issue 966

Estimating corn yield potential using the yield component method

Once pollination is complete or near completion, farmers can begin to estimate corn yield potential. To obtain a reasonable estimate, corn should be at least in the milk stage. This article discusses an approach to estimating corn yields - the yield component method. This approach uses a combination of known and projected yield components.

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Japanese beetles in eastern Kansas

Japanese beetles are migrating west across Kansas. Adult Japanese beetles have been creating concern for corn producers in the eastern third of the state for the last couple of weeks. They are a concern, based upon timing, because they are strongly attracted to fresh corn silks.

insects Japanese beetles 

Identification of Chinch Bugs and False Chinch Bugs

With the elevated chinch bug activity in central Kansas right now, this is a good time to discuss some differences between chinch bugs and false chinch bugs. In order to make proper management decisions, knowing how to correctly identify these insects is critical. Learn more in this article from Extension Entomologist Anthony Zukoff.

insects chinch bugs false chinch bugs 

Growing season weather summary: Evapotranspiration and growing degree days

Last week, we examined the 2023 growing season compared to 2022 regarding temperature and precipitation differences. This article takes a closer look at the growing season to date and considers additional variables such as evapotranspiration (ET) and growing degree days.

weather Mesonet growing degree days evapotranspiration 

Kansas Ag-Climate Update for June 2023

The Kansas Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. Each month a comprehensive report is released. This article provides a brief summary and includes a link to the full report. In July, significant rainfall was received in western Kansas but drought conditions continue to persist in many areas.

weather Climate  

Informational meetings on canola set for August 9 in Kansas and Oklahoma

Kansas State University officials have announced a pair of free meetings on August 9 to help farmers make fast-approaching decisions on growing winter canola. The meeting locations are Wichita, KS, and Enid, OK. The agenda includes a refresher on common canola production practices and an update on variety development and availability.

canola winter canola meetings