Agronomy eUpdate June 8th, 2023

Issue 960

Managing late tillers in wheat

Rainfall during the past three weeks has resulted in a flush of late, green tillers in the wheat over much of Kansas. Should producers wait to start harvesting until the green heads have matured? The answer depends on a few factors that are discussed in this article from K-State Wheat Specialist Romulo Lollato.

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What impact will late-season stripe rust have on the wheat crop?

Rainy, cool weather late in the season has led to trace levels of stripe rust showing up in many counties in central and western Kansas. Most fields in Kansas are past the pre-harvest intervals for a fungicide application and no application should be considered at this point. Read more about late-season stripe rust in this article.

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Considerations for late-planted soybeans

As of June 4, around 80% of soybeans have been planted in Kansas. Where soybean planting has been delayed or in double-crop soybean systems, producers should consider a few key management practices. Factors to consider include maturity group, seeding rate, plant density, and row spacing.

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Kansas Mesonet has improved evapotranspiration estimates

The Kansas Mesonet strives to provide tools that improve field decisions and hopefully extend water resources for producers. The latest upgrade involves a tool for estimating evapotranspiration. This is an important output variable for making irrigation decisions, particularly during drought. Don't miss out on learning about this free resource!

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Control options for roughleaf dogwood and smooth sumac

Two common brush species native to Kansas and widely spread across the state are roughleaf dogwood and smooth sumac. These shrubs can produce clumps that will shade out and reduce forage production. Be on the lookout for these shrubs and implement a control plan if needed.

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