Agronomy eUpdate April 27th, 2023

Issue 953

Cold soils can lead to chilling injury for newly planted corn and soybean

Warm soil temperatures for the last couple of weeks in Kansas means that corn planting is well underway. However, temperatures for the week of April 23 plummeted below freezing with durations of several hours in many locations across Kansas, particularly the last weekend. What does this mean for crops already in the ground?

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Is there any value to starter fertilizer on soybeans?

Soybean is a crop that can remove significant amounts of nutrients per bushel of grain harvested. Because of this, soybeans can respond to starter fertilizer applications on low-testing soils, particularly phosphorus. This article discusses when starter fertilizer is most appropriate for soybean production.

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Soil temperature, forecast, and seed quality are critical for cotton stand establishment

When is the optimum time to plant cotton? Cotton can overcome many stresses and produce profitable lint yields when the crop gets off to a good, uniform start. The recommended window for cotton planting is relatively narrow compared to that for other summer crops grown in Kansas. It is best to monitor soil conditions rather than the calendar.

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2023 Wheat Plot Tours

The Department of Agronomy and K-State Research and Extension will host several winter wheat variety plot tours in different regions of the state starting May 10. Make plans to attend a plot tour near you to see and learn about the newest available and upcoming wheat varieties, their agronomics, and their disease reactions.

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Review of restricted use pesticides and applicator licenses

As the 2023 field season gets into full swing, now is a good time for a refresher on restricted-use pesticides (RUPs) and pesticide applicator licenses. This article goes over the different categories of pesticides according to use and the importance of accurate record keeping.

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World of Weeds - Corn gromwell

It's time for another installment of the World of Weeds article series. Corn gromwell is currently flowering in no-till field areas around northeast Kansas. It can be troublesome in winter wheat due to the similarities of their lifecycles. In addition, corn gromwell is well-adapted to dry summers and cold winters.

World of Weeds corn gromwell 

2022 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results

The results of the 2022 National Winter Canola Variety Trial are now available online. This trial is planted at locations in the Great Plains, Northern Plains, Midwest, and Southeast. The objectives are to evaluate the performance of released and experimental varieties, determine where these varieties are best adapted, and increase the visibility of winter canola across the United States.

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Save the date - 2023 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School

Save the Date! The Department of Agronomy and K-State Research and Extension will host an In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School on June 2 from 8:00 am to 3:50 pm at the K-State North Central Experiment Field near Belleville, KS. This school will provide hands-on training on diagnosing wheat production problems in a number of different areas.

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Meetings set in May for canola producers to learn about crush facility

A decision by a Nebraska-based agribusiness to recommission an oilseed crush facility near Goodland has opened an opportunity for farmers in Kansas and Oklahoma. K-State Research and the Great Plains Canola Association will host several canola informational meetings for new and experienced growers.

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