Agronomy eUpdate April 20th, 2023

Issue 952

Adjusting seeding rates for soybeans

Seed cost is a critical economic factor and selecting the proper seeding rate is a key management practice for soybean production. This article reviews in greater detail several key factors in choosing the optimal soybean seeding rates for your production system.

soybeans seeding rate plant density 

Soybean seed treatments: Avoiding seedling diseases

As producers start planting soybeans in Kansas, it is important to consider common causes of seedling damping off and potential management strategies. This article addresses some frequently asked questions concerning the use of seed treatments for soybeans.

soybeans disease seed treatment 

Control of late-emerging kochia in wheat or wheat stubble

Getting kochia under control in any cropping system that includes wheat begins with the wheat crop during the spring, and shortly after wheat harvest. This is not always easy, even if early spring herbicide applications for kochia control were made. Learn more in this article from Sarah Lancaster, K-State Weed Science Specialist.

wheat weed control kochia wheat stubble 

Update on alfalfa pests in Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and pea aphids

Alfalfa weevils have been hatching throughout the eastern half of Kansas since at least March 20. Also, pea aphids are increasing throughout north central Kansas. This article discusses these two alfalfa pests found in locations in eastern and north central Kansas this spring.

alfalfa insects pea aphids alfalfa weevils 

Update on soil conditions and growing degree days this spring

The first half of April means that planters in some areas of Kansas have started rolling out. This article looks at soil temperatures, soil moisture, and growing degree day accumulation for the year. The upcoming forecast for Kansas is also presented.

Drought soil moisture spring planting soil temperature growing degree days