Agronomy eUpdate April 13th, 2023

Issue 951

Corn plant density adjustments for 2023

As the planting season for corn begins, producers need to decide their corn seeding rates. The plant density necessary to optimize yields depends on the expected resource availability, primarily water and nutrients. For 2023, the key factor is linked to water availability at planting and the precipitation forecast for this season.

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Soybean planting date and maturity group selection

For the 2023 season, soybean acreage projections in Kansas are up compared to past years. For maximizing yields, there are key practices to consider. This article presents some tips on selecting the best planting date and maturity group across Kansas.

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Causes of yellow wheat - Soil fertility factors

Wheat producers may start seeing some wheat fields turn yellow during this time of the year. The pattern may vary from field to field, sometimes as large areas, small patches, or streaks of yellowish wheat in some fields this spring. This article goes into detail about some of the main causes of yellow wheat related to soil fertility.

yellow wheat nutrient deficiency soil pH soil fertility 

Causes of yellow wheat - Weather and disease factors

Wheat producers may start seeing some wheat fields turn yellow during this time of the year. There are several reasons for yellow wheat in the spring, including weather conditions during the winter and spring and diseases. Learn more about these factors in this article.

disease yellow wheat freeze injury drought stress cold injury 

Planting winter canola? Be aware of rotation restrictions with herbicides

Recent developments associated with market opportunities for winter canola may lead to increased planting in the fall of 2023. As you make seeding plans, consider the herbicides you use in your summer crops. This article highlights some herbicides used for summer crops that may or may not have rotation restrictions for canola.

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Monitor alfalfa weevils using degree days and scouting

Alfalfa weevil activity began early this year in Oklahoma and it appears that degree day accumulation for alfalfa weevils is well ahead of normal for most areas in Kansas. Alfalfa weevil degree days are a great way to estimate insect activity in the field and serve as a useful tool to know when to time scouting. Learn more in this article.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for March 2023

This article looks back at the weather across Kansas during the month of March. The complete Ag-Climate Update is linked in this article and includes a weather summary, agronomic impacts, relevant maps and graphs, monthly extremes, and 1-month precipitation and temperature outlooks. Check it out!

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