Agronomy eUpdate March 30th, 2023

Issue 949

Wheat disease updates and outlook for stripe rust in 2023 Kansas wheat crop

The weather is warming, and wheat has started to green up across the state. It is time to look at factors that could influence the yield potential of the Kansas wheat crop. There are several factors that contribute to the development and severity of stripe rust in our region. Learn more in this article from K-State Plant Pathology.

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Wheat viruses in Kansas: Who's who?

Wheat viruses are starting to show up across the state. Although some of these viruses can sometimes be difficult to distinguish by eye, they do behave differently in the field. Here is a review of some key facts about wheat viruses and some timely reminders for sample submission to the Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab.

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First hollow stem update - March 30, 2023

Wheat is continuing to progress across Kansas. The latest report on the first hollow development states that two varieties have reached this stage. Cattle should be removed from wheat pastures when the crop reaches first hollow stem. Grazing past this stage can severely affect wheat yields.

dual purpose wheat first hollow stem 

Entry to the National Wheat Yield Contest is open

Every year, the National Wheat Foundation promotes a National Wheat Yield Contest, with winners coming from many states, and often from Kansas. Entering is easy and must be done by May 15 for winter wheat, although you are encouraged to enter by April 15 to get into an early entry prize drawing.

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Learn the difference between fire weather watches and red flag warnings

This year has had a slow start to fire season across the state. Fire weather concerns have been marginal and there have been fewer than normal large fires across the state. However, conditions are changing as several wind events are forecasted for the coming days combined with very dry air. It's important to understand the different types of fire weather products issued by the National Weather Service.

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New episodes of the War Against Weeds podcast address timely issues for farmers

Season five of the popular War Against Weeds podcast is well underway. In response to recent questions from farmers, the two newest episodes take a closer look at the emphasis the Environmental Protection Agency is putting on the Endangered Species Act with respect to pesticide use. Check out the new season!

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