Agronomy eUpdate August 25th, 2022

Issue 921

Final irrigation of the growing season - Timing is everything

This year has been especially challenging for irrigators the year started with below-normal levels of soil profile water in most places followed by below-normal precipitation. Producers have an opportunity to improve their water productivity by properly timing their final irrigation application.


Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing

Wheat producers in Kansas should consider soil testing to help make accurate fertilizer decisions ahead of planting. After variable conditions and yield levels across the state, fertilizer needs may require adjustments based on soil test results. Now is the time to take soil samples to ensure there will be enough time to consider the test results when planning your fall fertilizer programs.

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Soil fertility and wheat production: Profile nitrate levels and wheat yield

Failure to account for soil nitrogen wastes a valuable resource and can result in excess foliage, increased plant disease, inefficient use of soil water, and reduced yield. Soil sampling in fall for nitrate-N can have a significant impact on N recommendations for winter wheat in Kansas soils.

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Soybean yield potential estimation

With most Kansas soybean fields already in reproductive stages, it is time to start assessing yield potential from those fields. Estimating final yield before harvest can be a very tedious task, but a simplified method using yield components can be applied to start setting yield expectations.

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2022 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report

The 2022 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report is now available. The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station annually compares both new and currently grown wheat varieties across different regions in Kansas. . These performance tests generate unbiased information designed to help Kansas growers.

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2022 Fall Weather Outlook for Kansas

September is almost here and with it comes questions about the fall weather forecast. This article discusses where the state is at with regard to precipitation deficits. What are the chances that the next three months will see significant and much needed rainfall?

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