Agronomy eUpdate August 18th, 2022

Issue 920

Drought and heat stress in Kansas soybean fields

Dryland soybean fields have started to experience heat stress combined with long periods without rainfall. This article reviews potential symptoms of drought and heat stress on soybeans. Producers should scout their fields for signs of stress in order to make timely decisions as the growing season progresses.

soybeans drought-tolerant drought stress heat stress 

World of Weeds - Hemp dogbane

We have received several questions about controlling hemp dogbane in pastures this summer, with many farmers reporting the weed is becoming more common and troublesome. This World of Weeds article will discuss how to identify this perennial weed and the best management options.

pastures World of Weeds hemp dogbane 

A wheat stem sawfly look-a-like and white grub biocontrol

A wasp commonly found during the summer in Kansas has recently caught the attention of some producers. Several wasps were mistaken for wheat stem sawfly, a significant pest of wheat that has not yet established in Kansas. Sometimes referred to as flower wasps, the five-banded tiphiid wasp, is a harmless solitary wasp found throughout most of the country. Learn more in this article from K-State entomologist Anthony Zukoff.

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K-State Agronomy hires new Assistant State Climatologist

Meet our new Assistant State Climatologist, Matthew Sittel. Matt recently joined the Department of Agronomy to fill the vacancy left by Mary Knapp upon her retirement. He will be a frequent contributor to the eUpdate and will be involved in all aspects of Kansas climate monitoring. Welcome to K-State, Matt!

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