Agronomy eUpdate August 11th, 2022

Issue 919

Pre-emergence herbicides for wheat

Residual herbicides applied prior to wheat emergence can be part of a good weed management system in wheat production. Field bindweed is a particularly troublesome weed that can greatly reduce wheat yield. Learn the best strategy for bindweed control in this article.

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Corn harvest efficiency - Adjusting combine settings

Corn has been growing in a hot and dry summer, which will certainly limit grain yield in 2022. Thus, adjusting combine settings can be very helpful in reducing yield loss during harvest operations. Now is the time to prepare for harvest by getting equipment in optimal operating conditions.

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Drought and heat stress in Kansas corn fields

Since the end of June, rainfall has been sporadic and uneven across Kansas. In central and western Kansas, several corn fields under dryland conditions have been suffering a combination of drought and heat stress. Common symptoms of drought/heat stress in corn are discussed in this article.

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Dryland corn considerations for 2022

Dryland corn in many parts of western KS is struggling. Elevated levels of nitrates are a common concern with drought-stressed plants. This article discusses the best options for these corn fields. Failed dryland corn may fill a gap for livestock producers with limited forage options. Testing prior to feeding will be particularly important.

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Summary of the 2022 wheat growing season in Kansas

This article takes a look back at the 2022 wheat growing season in Kansas. Adverse environmental conditions created difficult growing conditions for many areas across the wheat growing region of Kansas. Yield losses from diseases were lower than average.

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Kansas Wheat Variety Guide 2022 now available

The Kansas Wheat Variety Guide 2022, formerly called Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings, has now been released for this year. Agronomic characteristics, disease, and pest resistance information is included, as well as profiles that highlight some more common or new varieties for Kansas.

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Kansas Ag-Climate Update for July 2022

The Ag-Climate Update for the month of July for Kansas is here! This resource a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. This article provides a brief summary of the publication and provides a link to the entire factsheet. For July 2022, the words are hot and dry. Read more here!

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