Agronomy eUpdate July 21st, 2022

Issue 916

Estimating corn yield potential using the yield component method

The majority of corn in Kansas has reached the reproductive stage or is close. Farmers can now start estimating the yield potential of their crop. This article discusses how to use the "yield component method" for estimating corn yields.

corn yield potential yield components 

Heat stress can elevate the risk of pest damage to summer crops

As we face an extended period of high temperatures across Kansas, often exacerbated by strong winds, farmers should remain conscious of how heat stress can elevate the risk posed to summer crops by various pests.

insects heat stress 

Growing season precipitation for Kansas in 2022

This article looks at 36 locations across Kansas and how much rainfall has been recorded during the "growing season" so far this summer. Each location has been ranked in terms of "driest" compared to the years of record for that location. How does the location near you compare in the history books?

weather Climate precipitation  

Beef Cattle and Forage Field Day, August 4

K-State is hosting a Beef Cattle and Forage Field Day on August 4 at the Southeast Research and Extension Center in Parsons. The event is free and includes lunch. The program kicks off at 7:30 am. Please RSVP by Aug. 1 for an accurate meal count.

cattle forage Field Day