Agronomy eUpdate April 7th, 2022

Issue 901

First hollow stem update (7 April 2022)

All varieties had elongated more than 1.5 cm first hollow stem as of 4 April 2022. The intention of this report is to provide producers an update on the progress of first hollow stem development in different wheat varieties. Producers should use this information as a guide, but it is extremely important to monitor FHS from an ungrazed portion of each individual wheat pasture to make the decision of removing cattle from wheat pastures.

wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 

Spring-emerged volunteer wheat: Should producers worry about wheat streak mosaic virus and the green bridge?

Parts of Kansas may be experiencing the emergence of volunteer wheat. Does this flush of volunteer wheat pose a risk for wheat streak mosaic virus to the wheat crop?

wheat volunteer wheat wheat streak mosaic 

2022 soil moisture and temperature outlook of spring planting in Kansas

Soil temperatures across Kansas are warming up as the month of April begins. Dry conditions continue to persist across western Kansas. Be sure to monitor soil temperatures and soil moisture in your area and adjust yield target expectations and inputs to ensure the best stand establishment and season long success for your spring-planted row crops.

soil moisture spring outlook temperature