Agronomy eUpdate March 18th, 2022

Issue 897

Army cutworm reaching treatment thresholds in winter canola

With the onset of warmer temperatures, winter canola is breaking dormancy and army cutworms are now present in fields across Kansas. Significant army cutworm pressure has been observed in some areas of Kansas. Learn about the treatment thresholds and the correct insecticides for control in this article.

canola army cutworms winter canola 

Optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pastures: First hollow stem

The unique climate characteristics of the Southern Great Plains allow producers to use wheat as a forage and grain crop (dual-purpose), potentially increasing overall profitability compared to grain-only or forage-only systems. First hollow stem is the optimal time to remove cattle to protect grain yield potential.

wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 

First hollow stem update - March 18, 2022

Cattle should be removed from wheat pastures when the crop reaches first hollow stem. This article is the first of several updates on the status of 19 wheat varieties being monitored for first hollow stem by the KSU Extension Wheat team.

dual purpose wheat first hollow stem 

New tool for estimating first hollow stem in wheat from Kansas Mesonet

Winter wheat is beginning to break dormancy, and the Kansas Mesonet has introduced a new tool to help track crop development. The Wheat First Hollow Stem online tool can be accessed from the Kansas Mesonet website. This article offers guidance on how to best use this free resource.

wheat Mesonet first hollow stem 

World of Weeds: Mustard species

Mustard species can often be difficult to differentiate, especially when in the cotyledon or rosette stage. It is important to be able to identify these weeds as some of them vary in their sensitivity to common herbicides. Learn all about mustards in this article.

mustards World of Weeds 

Several K-State publications on insect pest management updated for 2022

Several K-State Research and Extension publications related to insect management in Kansas were recently updated and are available online. These publications were prepared to help producers manage insect populations with the best available methods proven practical under Kansas conditions.

insects publication