Agronomy eUpdate March 10th, 2022

Issue 896

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat

Producers should pay close attention to the growth stage of their wheat before making spring herbicide applications. Some herbicides must be applied after tillering, several must be applied before jointing, and others can be applied through boot stage.

wheat herbicide spring 

Understanding the chemical reactions of urea in the soil

Some common nitrogen containing fertilizers used in Kansas are composed of urea. Questions are often raised about its potential for loss. Chemical reactions of urea in soil and other management factors that affect the performance of urea need to be understood for proper use.

nitrogen fertilizer urea 

Management practices affecting nitrogen loss from urea

In this article, readers will learn about the best management strategies to avoid significant nitrogen loss when applying urea-containing fertilizers to crop fields. Understanding the importance of certain soil and environmental conditions can help minimize the nitrogen loss potential.

fertilizer urea volatilization 

Kansas Ag-Climate Update for February 2022

The Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. This article contains a short summary and provides a link to view the entire update for February. The update discusses agronomic impacts, notable highlights, and looks ahead to the weather outlook for March.

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Certified Crop Advisor exam review course is now available in a self-paced online format

Individuals preparing for the Certified Crop Advisor exam now have access to an online training course through K-State Research and Extension. Course modules are divided based on the certified crop advisor objectives. The course is self-paced and remains available for ten months from time of enrollment. Check it out!

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Farmer input requested about the myFields online pest management tool

As a member of the agricultural community, we ask that you participate in our survey and provide input on how to improve the user experience of myFields. myFields is an online tool that provides crop producers with pest management information. The survey deadline is April 1, 2022.

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One more session for K-State CropTalk webinar series - March 14

The CropTalk Webinar series has been extended for one more week! The last session is scheduled for Monday, March 14. This webinar will feature a presentation on the 2022 grain market outlook from agricultural economist Dan O'Brien. Get registered to attend this webinar!

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