Agronomy eUpdate February 10th, 2022

Issue 892

Pre-plant herbicide applications for kochia control

Now is the time to finalize plans for kochia control. Recent research suggests that kochia can begin emerging in early February with most kochia emerging by early April. It is important to apply pre-emergence herbicides in late winter or early spring to control this weed before it emerges.

kochia pre-plant herbicide 

Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits

To maximize the yield potential of winter canola, producers should topdress with nitrogen, sulfur, and possibly boron in the winter. Producers should make topdress applications with consideration for the environmental conditions, the nutrients needed, and the application method.

fertilizer topdress canola winter canola 

2021 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial results now available

The results of the 2021 Kansas Performance Tests with summer annual forage varieties are available online. Summer annual forage performance tests are conducted each year by the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station.

hay forage summer annual forage variety trials 

Kansas Ag-Climate Update for January 2022

The Ag-Climate update for the month of January 2022 in Kansas is here. This article offers a brief summary of the weather and climate impacts across Kansas last month and includes a link to the full update.

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K-State CropTalk webinar series returns in 2022

The K-State CropTalk webinar series is well underway. This series is focused on agronomic topics targeted for northwest and north central Kansas. Topics range from soil fertility, weed management, cover crops, and weather resources. Get signed up to attend on the remaining 4 sessions!

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