Agronomy eUpdate December 9th, 2021

Issue 885

Sulfur deficiency in wheat

In recent years, sulfur deficiency in wheat has become more common in many areas of Kansas, particularly in no-till wheat. Learn how to properly identify sulfur-deficient wheat and the best management options.

wheat sulfur yellow wheat nutrient deficiency 

Learn how to examine soil for signs of compaction

Every year, questions arise about soil compaction. Compaction can reduce plant growth, reduce root penetration, restrict water and air movement in the soil, result in nutrient stresses, and cause slow seedling emergence. Now is a good time to check soils for signs of compaction.

soil soil moisture soil compaction 

Kansas experiences a warm start to winter

A very warm finish to November carried over into December across most of Kansas. Since Thanksgiving, 111 maximum temperature records have been broken in Kansas. Can Kansans expect more unseasonably warm weather for the rest of the winter? Learn more in this article from KSU meteorologist Chip Redmond.

weather Climate warm temperatures 

K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February

A series of six K-State Soybean Production Schools will be offered in late January and early February to provide in-depth training targeted for soybean producers and key-stakeholders. The schools will be sponsored by the Kansas Soybean Commission. Get registered today!

soybeans Soybean Schools meeting  

Kansas Corn Schools scheduled for early 2022

K-State Research and Extension is partnering with Kansas Corn to offer five winter learning sessions for Kansas corn farmers. The schools will cover a number of issues facing corn producers and are tailored to each region.

corn Corn Schools meeting