Agronomy eUpdate August 26th, 2021

Issue 870

Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing

Wheat producers in Kansas should consider soil testing to help in making accurate fertilizer decisions. Accurate decisions are especially important during years with low grain prices and tight budgets.

soil sampling soil testing wheat soil fertility 

Estimating soybean yield potential

Many producers like to estimate the yield potential of their soybeans well before reaching the end of the season. Estimating final yield in soybeans before harvest can be a tedious task, but a simplified method can be used for just a basic yield estimate.

soybeans yield potential yield estimates 

Management options for stressed corn

Where dryland corn has been under severe drought or heat stress, producers have to decide whether to leave it and harvest for grain, salvage the crop for silage or hay, or leave the crop in the field for its residue value. Learn more about each of these options in this article.

corn silage drought stress heat stress corn silage 

2021 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report available online

The 2021 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report is now online. The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station annually compares both new and currently grown wheat varieties across different regions in Kansas.

wheat Performance Tests  

2020 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial final report

In 2020, summer annual forage variety trials were conducted across Kansas near Garden City, Hays, and Scandia. All sites evaluated hay and silage entries. Breeders, marketers, and producers use data collected from the trials to make informed variety selections.

silage hay fall forage summer annual forage variety trials