Agronomy eUpdate August 20th, 2021

Issue 869

Corn production issues - Droopy ears

As the corn crop in Kansas approaches maturity, some reports are coming in regarding "droopy" ears. Learn more about this corn productions issue and what the potential impacts might be when it's harvest time.

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New publication on selecting the optimal wheat variety

A new publication is now available that aims to help producers chose wheat varieties that should perform well for various regions, soil types, weather, production systems, insect and disease pressure, maturity, and to meet the needs of millers and bakers. Learn more in this article.

wheat publication variety selection 

2021 Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Rating publication

Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings 2021, from K-State Research and Extension, has now been released for this year. Agronomic characteristics, disease, and pest resistance information is included, as well as profiles that highlight some common or new varieties for Kansas.

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Final irrigation of the growing season - Timing is everything

As the growing season wraps up, producers have an opportunity to improve their water productivity by properly timing their final irrigation application. This is an important decision that can impact final yield results or result in unnecessary pumping and soil compaction risk at harvest.

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Update on insect activity in alfalfa - Fall armyworms, armyworms, and alfalfa caterpillars

Worm activity has been elevated for a large portion of Kansas for the last three weeks. A combination of fall armyworms, armyworms, and alfalfa caterpillars have been feeding in alfalfa fields. Learn what options are available for control in this article.

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Grasshopper pressure is increasing in western Kansas

Weather patterns can have a significant impact on grasshopper populations from year to year. In areas with greater grasshopper pressure seedling alfalfa and wheat could be at risk. Learn more about the recommended treatment thresholds in this article.

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Fall weather outlook for Kansas and the science behind the predications

As August begins to wind down, the Climate Prediction Center has released the 2021 Fall Outlook. What is the prediction for Kansas? How are these outlooks determined and how reliable are they? This article will help answer those questions.

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