Agronomy eUpdate July 29th, 2021

Issue 866

Planting spring oats and turnips in the fall for forage

Enhanced forage allowance in late fall and early winter improves the forage budget in forage-based livestock systems. Spring oats and turnips can be an alternative, especially when farmers want to extend the grazing period.

fall forage cover crops grazing spring oats turnips 

Estimating corn yield potential

With pollination complete or mostly complete in corn fields across Kansas, producers can begin to get an estimate of the yield potential. This article discusses using the yield component method to estimate corn yields in the weeks before harvest.

corn yield potential 

Exceptional winter canola yields observed in 2021

Winter canola yields attained superior levels at testing sites in Kansas in 2021. Dense canopies, filled with an abundance of seed pods and flowering late into the growing season, were witnessed at multiple locations. Careful variety selection is very important for successful winter canola production.

canola Performance Tests yield results winter canola variety trials 

Riley County Soil Health Workshop, August 30

The Riley County Conservation District is hosting a Soil Health Workshop on August 30 in Leonardville, Kansas. The program will begin at 10 am. Different topics related to cover crops and soil health will be discussed by presenters from K-State and the NRCS.

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