Agronomy eUpdate June 17th, 2021

Issue 860

Herbicide applications and high temperatures

With many regions in Kansas reaching temperatures over 100 degrees this week, producers are encouraged to keep in mind how hot temperatures may impact the effectiveness of herbicide applications.

high temperatures herbicide application 

Herbicide carryover considerations when planting after wheat

Growers considering re-cropping wheat fields need to consider the herbicide program that was used in the wheat crop. Many wheat herbicides have fairly long crop rotation restrictions. This article lists the minimum rotation intervals for certain summer crops following selected wheat herbicides.

wheat Re-cropping herbicide carryover 

Plant analysis for testing nutrient levels in corn

Plant analysis is an excellent in-season “quality control” tool. It can be especially valuable for managing secondary and micronutrients that do not have high-quality, reliable soil tests available, and for providing insight into how efficiently you are using applied nutrients.

corn tissue testing nutrient anaylsis 

Evaluating corn fields for nematode damage

There are many disease organisms that can result in the reduction of corn yields in Kansas. The root-lesion nematode operates below ground on the roots and often has no identifiable symptoms other than yield loss.

corn disease root-lesion nematode 

Start scouting corn for southern rust in Kansas

Southern rust is now active on corn in Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia. Although this disease has not yet been reported in Kansas, it is time to start actively monitoring corn fields. The 10-day forecast indicates that weather will remain favorable for disease development.

Corn Schools disease southern rust foliar diseases 

Updated K-State publication on cleaning field sprayers

Sprayer cleaning is a critical component of equipment maintenance and crop protection. Serious crop injury can result from small amounts of herbicides. A recently updated publication is available from KSRE that discusses cleaning field sprayers. Check it out!

publication equipment herbicide 

2021 Kansas Corn Yield Contest

It may only be mid-June, but summer goes by fast and corn harvest will be upon us! Corn growers in Kansas are to keep in mind the Kansas Corn Yield Contest before they fire up the combines this year. Details about this year's contest are in this article.

Corn Yield Contest