Agronomy eUpdate May 27th, 2021

Issue 857

Effect of standing water and saturated soils on corn growth

Many parts of Kansas have received considerable amounts of rain the last couple of weeks. If corn has been planted, standing water or saturated soil conditions in areas of a field can produce impacts now or later for corn. Read about the potential impacts to corn in this article.

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Soybean response to standing water and saturated soils

Soybean planting is well under way in Kansas. However, in many parts of the state, soybeans have gotten off to a very slow start, constrained by rain events and wet soil conditions. What effect with saturated soils have on soybean emergence and early growth?

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Updated - 2021 Kansas wheat plot tours

The 2021 Kansas wheat plot tours are still underway. The plot tour schedule has been updated. Check out the schedule and find a plot tour near you!

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Plan now for volunteer corn control in soybeans

Volunteer corn can pose a problem for soybean production. Soybean yield loss can be significant depending on the density of the volunteer corn. Learn the best control options for managing this "weed" in your soybean fields.

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2021 Wheat Quality Tour - Summary of Kansas wheat crop conditions

The 2021 Wheat Quality Tour took place from May 17 through May 20, around 2-3 weeks later than in past years. Approximately 45 people from 13 states actively scouted 350 Kansas wheat fields in 15 groups and six routes. This article offers a summary of the 2021 wheat crop conditions.

Wheat Quality Tour  

Estimating western corn rootworm egg hatch and adult emergence

Degree-day models are useful tools for estimating the development of different insects, allowing us to predict when potential pests might begin to impact a crop. For the Western Corn Rootworm, degree-day calculations can be used to determine the onset of egg hatch in an area, peak egg hatch, and the timing of adult emergence.

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Summer weather outlook for Kansas - May 20, 2021

As a cooler-than-normal May comes to a close, what is the outlook for the summer months in Kansas? The Climate Prediction Center has released its 3-month summer outlook. The summer outlook for Kansas is explained in this article from the K-State Agronomy climate team.

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