Agronomy eUpdate May 13th, 2021

Issue 854

Possible causes for white heads in wheat

White heads have been appearing in many wheat fields around Kansas. There are many causes of white heads. This article discusses some of the most common causes and their diagnosis.

wheat white heads 

2021 Kansas wheat plot tours

The 2021 Kansas Wheat Plot Tour kicked off on May 10 and runs through the part of June. Make sure to check the tour schedule each week to find a tour near you!

wheat wheat plot tours  

Crop residue decomposition and nutrient release rates

Crop residue is often considered to be a valuable source of nutrients, especially when the residue is from a nitrogen-fixing legume. Learns what factors determine the amount of nutrient release and how quickly residues are decomposed.

cover crops crop residue decomposition C:N ratio 

Kansas Ag-Climate Update for April 2021

April in Kansas brought cool, dry conditions for many regions. The Ag-Climate Update for April includes a brief summary of this past month, discusses relevant agronomic impacts, and looks ahead to June.

weather Climate 

Spring Crops Field Day in Parsons on May 19

K-State Research and Extension will host its Spring Crops Field Day in person on Wednesday, May 19 at the Southeast Research and Extension Center in Parsons. Learn about wheat varieties, fusarium head blight control, cover crops, and pasture fertility and weed control.

Field Day