Agronomy eUpdate April 15th, 2021

Issue 850

Time to start scouting wheat for stripe rust: First reports in southeast Kansas

The first reports of stripe rust in Kansas have come in this last week. These reports have been only in the southeastern corner. Growers in south central and southeast Kansas should be scouting their fields in the coming days and weeks.

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Updated wheat fungicide publication for 2021 now available

Wondering about wheat fungicide recommendations for different diseases? The KSRE publication "Foliar Fungicide Efficacy for Wheat Disease Management" has been updated for 2021. There are many fungicides available in Kansas that provide very good to excellent control of foliar diseases.

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Soybean seed treatments: Avoiding seedling diseases

As farmers start planting soybeans in Kansas, it is important to consider common causes of seedling damping off and potential management strategies. Learn about the main soybean seedling diseases and what seed treatments are effective in this article.

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Herbicide availability concerns for this growing season

There has been considerable talk about limited availability of herbicides for the summer of 2021. What steps can farmers take in the event that herbicide supplies become limited? Dr. Sarah Lancaster offers some of her recommendations in this article.

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Learn more about the brown marmorated stink bug

The brown marmorated stink bug is one that may have fallen “off the radar” of farmers in Kansas. In recent years, this insect has been slowing making its way further west. Learn more about this potentially problematic pest in this article from Entomologist Anthony Zukoff.

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Survey: Herbicide application practices in Kansas

If you did not get a chance to participate in a short survey about your herbicide application practices back in February, you have another chance! Help out the Extension Weed Science Team and fill out this short survey! Thank you!

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