Agronomy eUpdate March 18th, 2021

Issue 844

Residual herbicides for corn

Residual herbicides that kill weed seeds/seedlings as they germinate or emerge are an important component of herbicide applications at or before the time of corn planting. Learn about the different options in this article from Weeds Specialist Sarah Lancaster.

corn weed control pre-emergence residual herbicides 

First hollow stem update: March 18, 2021

Cattle should be removed from wheat pastures when the crop reaches first hollow stem (FHS). Grazing past this stage can severely affect wheat yields. This article reports on the progress of 34 different wheat varieties commonly grown in Kansas.

wheat first hollow stem  

New Kansas Mesonet tool for estimating wheat growth stage

Winter wheat in Kansas is beginning to break dormancy. The Kansas Mesonet has introduced a new tool to help track the wheat crop development. Learn how to access this new resource and how to best use it's many features.

wheat Mesonet GDD tool growing degree days 

Optimal corn seeding rate recommendations

Deciding on the optimal corn seeding rates for your fields can be tricky when you factor in the hybrid, environmental conditions, and management practices. Learn more about this process and what new research is being done at K-State to help producers make this decision.

corn seeding rate plant density plant population yield environment 

2021 Grain sorghum management publication now available

K-State Research and Extension has released the latest Kansas Sorghum Management publication. This comprehensive guide is written specifically for Kansas and includes valuable, up-to-date information on many aspects of sorghum production.

grain sorghum publication