Agronomy eUpdate March 11th, 2021

Issue 843

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat

Producers should pay close attention to the growth stage of their wheat before making spring herbicide applications. Some herbicides must be applied after tillering, several must be applied before jointing, and others can be applied through boot stage.

wheat spring herbicide herbicide timing 

Be aware of fire weather conditions during prescribed burning season

The prescribed burning season in Kansas has started. However, dry conditions in Kansas, along with adequate fuel, increases the chances of wildfire when coupled with warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidity. Learn when not to burn and how to plan a safe prescribed burn.

prescribed burning wildfire fire weather 

Topdressing wheat with sulfur

In recent years, sulfur deficiency in wheat has become common in many areas of Kansas, particularly in no-till wheat where cooler soil temperatures can slow S mineralization in the soil. Learn how to manage this nutrient deficiency in wheat in this article.

wheat topdress spring fertilizer sulfur 

Chloride as a topdressing nutrient for wheat

Chloride is a highly mobile nutrient in soils and topdressing is typically a good time for application in soils prone to leaching. One of the main benefits from adequate chloride is overall disease resistance in wheat.

wheat topdress chloride spring fertilizer 

Be patient as spring planting approaches: Soil temperature and moisture update

Selection of the optimal planting date is one of the most important decisions for farmers. When deciding to fire up the planter, producers should consider soil temperatures rather than just calendar dates. Planting too early can cause problems as the season progresses.

spring planting planting soil temperature soil moisture optimum planting dates 

Understanding herbicide modes of action

Weed scientists at K-State have released a revised publication on the different modes of action of herbicides. This in-depth resource describes how herbicides work to control weeds. There are descriptive graphics and full-color photos throughout the text.

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