Agronomy eUpdate March 4th, 2021

Issue 842

Optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pastures: First hollow stem

When using winter wheat as both a forage and a grain, it's important to terminate grazing at the optimal time. Avoid reductions in yield by removing cattle from wheat fields at the first hollow stem stage of development.

wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 

Foxtail infestations in smooth bromegrass hay meadows

Managing foxtail infestation in smooth bromegrass meadown, especially old or thin stands, can be tricky. A recent study was conducted in eastern KS to evaluate different options for pre-emergence control of foxtail species in bromegrass. Learn more in this article.

bromegrass foxtails hay fields 

Kansas Ag-Climate Update for February 2021

February 2021 in Kansas was one for the record books! While you probably don't want to relive it, the Ag-Climate Update for February offers a summary of the severity and potential agronomic impacts associated with last month's weather for Kansas farmers.

weather Climate  

Virtual Crop Talk webinars to end on March 9

The last webinar in the Virtual Crop Talk series that began in early February will occur on March 9. If you missed any of these webinars, the recordings are available to view online. See this article to learn where to access the entire webinar series and to register for the last session on March 9.

virtual webinars