Agronomy eUpdate February 25th, 2021

Issue 841

Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control

Controlling marestail in soybeans continues to be a big challenge for Kansas no-till producers. Learn about early spring, pre-plant, and post-emergence options for treatment in this article from Extension Weed Science Specialist, Dr. Sarah Lancaster.

soybeans weed control pre-plant herbicide marestail post-emergence 

World of Weeds - Foxtails

The next installment in the World of Weeds series is all foxtails. Green foxtail, yellow foxtail, and giant foxtail are three closely related annual weeds common throughout Kansas. Learn about the key identifying features and the most effective control measures.

World of Weeds annual weeds foxtails 

2020 Kansas Performance Tests with Grain Sorghum Hybrids

The results from the 2020 Kansas Performance Tests with grain sorghum hybrids are now available online. These tests provide valuable information on many of the sorghum hybrids marketed in Kansas.

grain sorghum Performance Tests  

Soil versus air temperatures: Understanding the relationship

During the bitterly cold period in mid-February, air temperatures dropped as low as -30 F in some locations. Soil temperatures, however, did not get near that cold. Several interacting factors control soil temperature flux. Learn some basic principles about soil temperature changes in this article.

soil soil moisture soil temperature crop residue freezing temperatures 

Herbicide application practices in Kansas

The Weed Science Extension Team needs your help! Please consider participating in a short online survey on herbicide application practices. This is a completely anonymous survey. A paper copy can be mailed if requested.

survey herbicide 

Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas

The last two Virtual Crop Talks will be offered on March 2 and March 9. Join specialists from K-State Research and Extension as they discuss alfalfa management and dryland corn for growers in northwest and north central Kansas.

virtual webinars