Agronomy eUpdate February 18th, 2021

Issue 840

Potential for winterkill to the Kansas wheat crop

The extremely cold temperatures observed in Kansas in mid-February have the potential to cause winterkill to the winter wheat crop. Several factors come into play when talking about potential winterkill. Read more here from K-State wheat specialist Romulo Lollato.

wheat winter hardiness winter survival cold temperatures 

Expectations for a late-emerged winter wheat crop

Many wheat fields around Kansas emerged later than desired due to extremely dry soil conditions in the fall. What are the expectations for late-emerged wheat and what factors contribute to the expected yield potential for those fields?

wheat dry soils Drought delayed emergence yield potential 

Factors involved in winter survival of canola in Kansas

Winter survival of canola in Kansas is a complicated issue. Stand losses can be caused by one or more abiotic and biotic factors. Learn more about those factors and how to assess your winter canola stand in this article from K-State canola breeder Mike Stamm and farming systems specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

canola winter hardiness winter survival cold temperatures 

Late winter kochia control in fields going to soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat

This is the third and final article in a series discussing pre-emergence herbicides for kochia control. For this article, we cover recommendations specific to fields that will be planted to soybean or sunflower this spring and wheat in the fall.

weed control kochia herbicide pre-emergence 

Soil temperature impacts on western corn rootworm eggs

The recent Arctic-like weather raises some questions about insect pressure for the upcoming growing season, particularly for the western corn rootworm. Will this severe cold snap kill eggs that are currently lying dormant in the field?

insects soil temperature corn rootworm 

2020 Kansas Performance Tests with soybean varieties report

The results from the 2020 K-State Performance Tests with soybean varieties have been released and the full report is available online. These tests are conducted each year to provide information on the relative performance of new and established varieties and brands at several locations in Kansas.

Performance Tests soybeans  

Herbicide application practices in Kansas

The K-State Weed Science Extension team is looking for your input! Herbicide application practices such as sprayer speed and spray volume influence weed control as well as whole-farm efficiency. Please consider filling out a short survey related to this topic.

survey herbicide herbicide application 

Soybean seedling diseases webinar series to begin on Feb. 23

Soybean planting is around the corner and the best time to protect against seedling diseases is prior to planting! A series of free webinars that will cover soybean seedling diseases and the latest information on fungicide resistance. See this article for more details.

soybeans virtual leaf diseases webinars  

Great Plains Cotton Conference, February 23 & 24

Get registered for the 2021 Great Plains Cotton Conference! The 2-day agenda is included in this article. Registration is free and open to all! Don't miss out on this premier cotton event.

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Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas

There are two Virtual Crop Talks left in February and two coming up in March! Check out these short webinars that target relevant agronomic issues for north central and northwest Kansas.

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