Agronomy eUpdate October 30th, 2020

Issue 825

Possible impacts of the recent cold temperatures to the Kansas wheat crop

The sharp drop in temperatures across Kansas observed in this past week could have different consequences to the wheat crop. Parts of Kansas saw temps fall as low as 0 degrees F. Which fields were the most vulnerable?

wheat freeze cold temperatures 

EPA approves labels for over-the-top dicamba application

On October 27, 2020, the EPA issued approval for three labels for over-the-top dicamba application. The labels will be effective until 2025. More details are included in this article.

dicamba label requirements 

Fall soil testing of hay fields and pastures

Soil testing can be done in either spring or fall on hay fields and pasture. Soil sampling on a regular basis (every 3 4 years) can save money and reduce environmental impacts of overapplying fertilizer or manure.

soil testing pastures hayfields fall soil sampling 

World of Weeds: Smooth sumac

When the leaves begin to change in the fall, a certain plant really stands out in Kansas fields and rangeland. Smooth sumac, which turns a vibrant red color, is the October World of Weeds feature plant.

World of Weeds smooth sumac 

Prussic acid in sorghum following a hard freeze

After a hard freeze, there could be questions regarding prussic acid in sorghum. Prussic acid poisoning is more of a concern when grazing sorghum than when harvested for hay or silage.

grain sorghum prussic acid hard freeze