Agronomy eUpdate September 18th, 2020

Issue 819

Weed management practices: Fall scouting for weeds

Weeds that escape control by in-season management practices can cause several problems at harvest and in future growing seasons.

weeds scouting herbicide resistance seedbank weed management 

Optimum sowing dates and seeding rates for wheat in Kansas

Planting wheat in the optimum planting date window and using the recommended seeding rates are two best management practices that help achieve the maximum yield potential.

wheat optimum planting dates seeding rates 

Seed drill calibration to improve wheat seed distribution

Proper drill calibration can increase the chances of success of the wheat crop. Learn how to calibrate your seed drill using the stationary method in this article.

wheat planting equipment calibration 

Evaluate wheat seed size to improve wheat seeding density and final stand

Learn the importance of evaluating wheat seed size to ensure the target seed density and optimum final stand.

wheat seeding density seed size 

Seeding rates for dryland wheat in western Kansas

A recent study was conducted across 3 locations in western Kansas that evaluated wheat yield response for different varieties across varied seeding rates. The article summarizes the results and offers practical information for wheat producers in KS.