Agronomy eUpdate August 21st, 2020

Issue 815

Management options for Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans

Within the last two weeks, Sudden Death Syndrome has been reported in portions of northeast KS. Yield loss depends on the soybean variety and crop stage when symptoms appear. Management of this disease requires an integrated approach.

disease soybeans Sudden Death Syndrome 

Estimating soybean yield potential

Many producers like to estimate the yield potential of their soybeans well before reaching the end of the season. This article discusses two different methods for estimating soybean yields at this stage of the growing season.

soybeans yield potential 

Soil fertility and wheat production: Profile nitrate levels and wheat yield

Last week, we discussed the importance of soil testing ahead of wheat planting. This article addresses the correlation between profile nitrate and wheat yield.

wheat profile nitrate residual nitrate soil fertility 

Pre-emergence herbicides for wheat

Pre-emergence herbicides with residual activity are an important component of high-yielding cropping systems. Residual herbicides applied prior to wheat emergence can be part of a good weed management system in wheat production.

wheat pre-plant herbicide residual herbicides 

2020 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report available online

The 2020 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report is now online. Producers and crop consultants can use this resource to help select wheat varieties by checking for varieties that show a consistently good performance in their region.

wheat Performance Tests  

Tips for fall planting of alfalfa

Alfalfa is a very important leguminous crop for the livestock industry in Kansas. Late summer and early fall are often the best times to plant alfalfa in Kansas due to less weed pressure than spring planting.

alfalfa fall planting 

K-State to host two virtual fall field days - August 26 & 27

K-State Research and Extension is hosting two fall field days on August 26 and 27 using a virtual format. The field days are free and open to the public. Learn more about topics and how to register in this article!

Fall Field Day