Agronomy eUpdate June 19th, 2020

Issue 806

Considerations when harvesting short wheat

In many areas of Kansas, prolonged drought has resulted in short wheat and thin stands. Harvesting wheat in these situations can be a challenge. Special attention needs to be given to cutting height, machine adjustments, and operator control.

wheat harvest short stands 

Considerations for applications of over-the-top dicamba formulations

It is that time of year again for post-emergent applications of Engenia, Fexapan, and Xtendimax on dicamba-resistant soybeans. In light of the recent court ruling, it is vital that application restrictions are followed closely to prevent non-target dicamba injury to conventional, Enlist, and Liberty Link soybeans.

soybeans dicamba label requirements 

Critical timing of irrigation for maximizing cotton yield potential

Producers are likely familiar with timing of limited irrigation to maximize yield in grain crops such as corn or grain sorghum. This article summarizes research from K-State on timing irrigation for maximizing the yield potential in cotton.

yield potential cotton irrigation lint yield 

Plant analysis for testing nutrient levels in corn

Plant analysis is an excellent in-season “quality control” tool. Plant analysis can be used by Kansas farmers in two basic ways: for diagnostic purposes, and for monitoring nutrient levels at a common growth stage.

corn plant analysis nutrient levels 

Summer insect activity - Corn rootworms, click beetles, and bean leaf beetles

This article discusses some of the current insect activity in summer row crops in portions of Kansas. Each insect is discussed and is accompanied by photos.

insects corn rootworm bean leaf beetles 

2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest

Now that corn is in the ground and growing, harvest in Kansas will be here before you know it. Kansas Corn, in conjunction with K-State Research and Extension, will conduct a 2020 Kansas Corn Yield Contest. Find out more in this article.

Corn Yield Contest  

Kansas weed survey: Producers/ag professionals input requested

The Weed Science group at the K-State Ag Research Center in Hays seeks input from Kansas producers and agriculture professionals. Please complete a brief survey related to weed management practices and herbicide-resistant weed problems

survey weed