Agronomy eUpdate May 1st, 2020

Issue 797

Evaluating the need for foliar fungicides on wheat

Leaf diseases in wheat are often managed by a combination of genetic resistance and crop rotation. However, foliar fungicides may be needed when these practices fail to suppress disease levels. What should producers consider before any treatment application?

wheat disease stripe rust foliar fungicides 

Diagnosing early-season growth problems in corn

Getting a good stand of corn, with vigorous early-season growth, is the first step in getting desirable yields. When adverse conditions occur after planting and emergence, producers monitor the crop for early-season growth problems.

corn injury nutrient deficiency abnormal growth lodging 

How do soil temperatures for 2020 compare to historical averages for Kansas?

This article discusses soil temperature climatology (30-year average) and how 2020 compares to the climate normal for Kansas. Climate "normals" provide a valuable historical perspective to help us understand current weather.

weather Climate soil temperature 

The 2020 tornado season is off to a slow start

Kansas has yet to record a tornado touchdown for 2020. Is this significant? When did Kansas last see a late start to the tornado season? Read more in this article from the Kansas State Climate Team.

Climate severe weather tornado 

We need your input - How do you use the Chemical Weed Control Guide?

Extension Agronomy needs your input! Help us improve our very popular Chemical Weed Control Guide by taking a very short survey. Details are in this article!

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