Agronomy eUpdate April 24th, 2020

Issue 796

Preliminary wheat injury assessment from the April 13-17 freeze events in Kansas

Since some time has passed since the freeze events from mid-April, varying degrees of injury have appeared in Kansas wheat fields. Which regions were impacted the most and how severe does the damage appear at this time?

wheat freeze injury 

Options and management strategies for freeze-damaged wheat

Producers whose wheat crop has suffered severe freeze damage have some difficult decisions to make. This article discusses some options and management tips for freeze damaged wheat.

wheat freeze injury Re-cropping crop insurance 

Herbicide carryover considerations when re-cropping damaged wheat

Growers who decide to terminate their wheat crop because of poor stands or weather-related damage need to consider the persistence of herbicides applied to the wheat. Many wheat herbicides have fairly long crop rotation restrictions.

wheat label requirements Re-cropping herbicide carryover 

We need your input - How do you use the Chemical Weed Control Guide?

Extension Agronomy needs your input! Help us improve our very popular Chemical Weed Control Guide by taking a very short survey. Details are in this article!


K-State recommendations for soybean planting dates and maturity group

Planting date is one of the primary management practices that can greatly influence soybean yield potential. Learn more about the Kansas planting dates and maturity groups for soybeans.

soybeans planting date maturity group 

Soybean seeding rates and optimum plant populations

The optimum seeding rate is one of the most influential factors for increasing soybean profitability as seed cost is one of the most expensive inputs. Read more from Cropping Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti in this article.

soybeans seeding rate plant population 

Effect of row spacing on soybean yield

There are still many questions about row spacing for soybean production. This article summarizes some research from K-State on the effect of different row spacing on soybean yield.

soybeans yield potential row spacing 

Become a volunteer weather reporter in Kansas - Join the CoCoRaHS Network

The weather affects everyone. Have you ever wondered just exactly how much rain you received? Join the CoCoRaHS Network and be an active participant in weather recording in Kansas!

weather CoCoRaHS 

Resources for weather education at home - All ages and skill levels

School classrooms are closed. The spring Storm Spotter training was cancelled. What do we do for weather education?? The National Weather Service has a number of products available for a wide range of age groups, interest levels, and expertise.

weather online resources