Agronomy eUpdate March 20th, 2020

Issue 790

Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - March 20, 2020

Spring is here but is it time to get seed in the ground for the 2020 growing season? Selection of the optimal planting date is a critical decision. What factors should be considered? Read more here in this article from Cropping Production specialist, Dr. Ciampitti.

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Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat

Producers should pay close attention to the growth stage of their wheat before making spring herbicide applications. Some herbicides must be applied after tillering, several must be applied before jointing, and others can be applied through boot stage.

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First hollow stem update: March 18, 2020

Since the last measurement on March 11, several wheat varieties have reached first hollow stem. This article details which test varieties have progressed to this growth stage and why it's important.

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Recommendations for topdressing wheat with sulfur

In recent years, sulfur deficiency in wheat has become common in many areas of Kansas, particularly in no-till wheat. Learn more about this nutrient deficiency and how to manage it in this article from our soil fertility specialist, Dr. Ruiz Diaz.

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Chloride as a topdressing nutrient for wheat

Chloride is a very mobile nutrient in soils, especially those prone to leaching. Topdressing is a good application method for wheat. Recommendations for this management option are discussed in this article.

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2020 Kansas Leopold Conservation Award call for nominations

Nominations are being accepted for the 2020 Leopold Conservation Award for Kansas. This award recognizes a land owner and/or family who is a conservation leader in our state. Nominations are due by June 1. Find out more in this article.

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