Agronomy eUpdate November 1st, 2019

Issue 772

Sharp decline in temperatures: Possible impacts on the Kansas wheat crop

Late October saw temperatures in Kansas drop quite dramatically. What impact did this sharp decline have on the Kansas wheat crop? Hear from our wheat specialist and weather experts in this article.

wheat cold 

Management adjustments when sowing wheat late

What management adjustments need to be made when wheat is planted late? Making the right adjustments now could help ensure good yields at harvest time.

wheat late planting 

Replanting decisions for winter wheat

As wheat growers evaluate their wheat stand, some may be considering replanting fields yet this fall. What factors should be considered when thinking about replanting?

wheat replanting 

As temperatures fall, what factors influence the survival of winter canola?

There was a narrow window for planting winter canola in September 2019. Conditions for stand establishment varied across the state. What factors influence the survival of winter canola?

canola survival