Agronomy eUpdate October 4th, 2019

Issue 768

Sorghum development and potential freeze injury

Will the remaining sorghum reach maturity before the first freeze? Find out the answer and what factors are involved in this article from Cropping Systems Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti.

sorghum freeze 

Stalk rots in grain sorghum

Considerable levels of stalk rot have been occurring in corn in 2019 and these same weather conditions are also favorable for stalk rot development in grain sorghum.

sorghum stalk rot Fusarium 

Green stem syndrome in soybeans

Green stem syndrome in soybean is a condition by which the stem remains green while the seeds are mature and ready to harvest. Find out the best management options in this article.

soybeans green stem 

Consider sampling now for soybean cyst nematode

After harvest is a good time to soil sample your fields for soybean cyst nematode. Currently, 58 of Kansasís 105 counties are known to be infested.

soil testing soybean cyst nematode 

KS Dallas: New hard red wheat variety from K-State

The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station has released a new hard red winter wheat variety named KS Dallas. KS Dallas is adapted to western Kansas and other neighboring semi-arid regions.

wheat new variety