Agronomy eUpdate September 27th, 2019

Issue 767

Wheat planting conditions: Late-September 2019

What are the current soil conditions across the wheat-growing regions of KS? What is the short-term weather outlook? Find out more here.

wheat planting weather 

Soybean dry down rate before harvest

Soybeans will reach final maturity with high seed water content, moving from 90% to around 60% from beginning of seed filling until final maturity. What factors control the dry down rate in soybeans?

soybeans drydown 

The challenge of collecting a representative soil sample

Soil testing should be the first step for a good nutrient management program, but it all starts with the proper sample collection procedure. Do you know how to take a representative soil sample?

soil soil sampling 

Fall soil sampling: Sample collection and submission to K-State Soil Testing Lab

Soil testing provides producers and homeowners important information concerning the fertility status of the soil. Here is how you collect and submit samples to the K-State Soil Testing Lab.

soil sampling soil testing 

Kansas insect activity update - Soybean, sorghum, and wheat

What insects are active right now in soybeans, sorghum, and wheat? Does this activity present any potentials concerns? Find out more from the Extension Entomology team.