Agronomy eUpdate August 16th, 2019

Issue 761

Managing low-quality wheat seed following a season with severe Fusarium head blight (head scab) infection

The 2018-19 wheat harvest was affected by severe Fusarium head blight (head scab) in eastern and central Kansas, which can affect the quality of the seed for the next growing season. Read more about managing low-quality wheat seed.

Fusarium wheat disease 

Make an informed decision when selecting the best wheat variety

Wheat producers are faced with an increasing number of varieties from which to choose. Learn more about the different tools and publications to study each variety’s strengths and weaknesses, selecting varieties that best match their needs.


Volunteer wheat control: Protecting Kansas wheat

Wheat in the Great Plains is often plagued by complex of viral diseases including wheat streak mosaic virus, High Plains virus, and Triticum mosaic virus. Good control of these starts with controlling volunteer wheat.


Control seed-borne diseases in wheat with fungicide seed treatments

Fungicide seed treatments are becoming an important part of wheat production in Kansas. In 2019, Fusarium is an important issue for many seed producers. Learn how seed treatments can help with seed-borne diseases.

fungicide seed treatment wheat disease 

Check terraces now for needed repairs and maintenance

Mid-summer is a good time to evaluate and perform maintenance on terraces if fields are in wheat stubble. Read more about terrace repair here.

soil conservation 

Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing

Wheat planting is just a month or so away in parts of Kansas, so now is the time to get your soil sampling done to have good information on which to base your fertilizer inputs.

wheat soil testing 

Correlation of soil test nitrate level and wheat yield

Taking 24-inch soil profile-N samples in the fall has been a recommended practice for making an N recommendation for winter wheat for many years.

soil testing wheat yield 

Status of disease pressure in corn and soybeans

What is the current status of corn and soybean diseases in Kansas? Find out in this article.

disease corn soybeans 

First reports of sugarcane aphid on grain sorghum in Kansas

The sugarcane aphid (SCA) has now been reported in four counties in Kansas: Sumner, Reno, Kiowa, and Haskell. Grain sorghum producers in Kansas should begin scouting their fields on a routine basis.

grain sorghum insects 

Germination testing of wheat seed

If producers want to test their seed for germination at home, it needs to be done correctly to be of value. Read more about the correct home testing procedure.


Ag-Climate Update for July 2019

The Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. Each month the update includes a comprehensive summary.

climate weather 

Looking ahead - 2019 Fall weather outlook for Kansas

Now that August is half over, what is the outlook for the fall? Will it be near normal or some extreme? Find out more here.

weather climate 

2019 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report available online

The 2019 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report is now online.

Performance Tests wheat 

North Central Experiment Fall Field Day, August 20

The 2019 North Central Field is scheduled for August 20 at 6:00 pm at the South Unit experiment field near Scandia.

East Central Experiment Field fall field day - August 21

The East Central Experiment Field in Ottawa will host its fall field day on Wednesday, August 21. Registration begins at 9:00 am.