Agronomy eUpdate June 19th, 2019

Issue 753

Plant analysis for testing nutrient levels in corn

Plant analysis is an excellent in-season “quality control” tool. It can be especially valuable for managing secondary and micronutrients that do not have high-quality, reliable soil tests available, and for providing insight into how efficiently you are using applied nutrients.

crop progress corn plant analysis 

Dealing with Fusarium head blight (head scab) in wheat

Symptoms of a troublesome disease known as Fusarium head blight are appearing in some wheat fields in central and eastern Kansas this year. Learn more about identifying and managing this disease.

Fusariam wheat disease 

Post-emergence marestail and pigweed control in soybean fields

Controlling marestail or pigweeds post-emergence in soybeans is always easier when the weeds are small – less than 2 inches tall is preferable for good control. This article outlines some suggestions for controlling these weeds post-emergence in soybeans.

marestail pigweed weeds weed control soybeans 

Pre-harvest weed control in wheat

Recent hail storms, excessive rain/flooding, and other problems have affected wheat stands in many areas of Kansas this year. The resulting thin stands in those areas have caused weeds to start showing up in many wheat fields -- especially in fields not treated earlier.

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Update on summer row crop planting progress in Kansas and the Corn Belt

Corn and soybean planting in U.S. Corn Belt and in Kansas is proceeding following one of the slowest rates ever recorded. For Kansas, sorghum is currently at 55% planted progress, well behind the 84 % from 2018 and somewhat behind the five-year average of 71%.

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2019 Kansas Corn Yield Contest

Now that corn planting is almost complete, harvest in Kansas will be here before you know it. Corn producers in the state are encouraged to keep in mind the Kansas Corn Yield Contest before they fire up the combines this year.

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2019 K-State/KARA Summer Field School

Kansas State University and the Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association (KARA) will be hosting two, two-day hands-on field schools on July 9-10 and July 11-12 at the K-State Agronomy North Farm.