Two new Roundup Ready winter canola varieties released by K-State

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Two new Roundup Ready winter canola varieties have been developed for the southern Great Plains and released by the Kansas Agriculture Experiment Station.

Both varieties will be licensed to Monsanto Company under an exclusive agreement with the Kansas State University Research Foundation. Monsanto Company will sell both as DEKALB winter canola varieties with the Wildcat Genetics logo displayed on the bag. Wildcat Genetics will also be used in the marketing of the varieties.

The first variety, KSR07363, has yields similar to the highest yielding DEKALB winter canola variety, DKW44-10, over five site-years of testing in K-State yield trials. Its yields have been higher than DKW44-10 in Oklahoma trials over eight site-years of testing.

The second variety is KSR07352S. This is the first variety developed by K-State with resistance to glyphosate herbicide along with tolerance to sulfonylurea herbicide residue in the soil.

The sulfonylurea herbicide carryover tolerance trait will allow KSR07352S to be grown on fields where a long-residual sulfonylurea herbicide was applied in the previous wheat crop.

Yields of KSR07352S have been competitive with the yield of DKW46-15, the most widely grown winter canola variety in the southern Great Plains.

Mike Stamm, Canola Breeder