New conventional soybean variety released

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The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station announced earlier in 2013 the release of KS4313N soybean, a conventional, non-GMO variety. Its experimental number was K07-1633. Its pedigree is IA3023  x  LD00-3309 (a line with soybean cyst nematode resistance).

KS4313N is an early Group IV maturity variety, and is well adapted to a wide range of soil types and climates throughout the central soybean belt. It is resistant to soybean cyst nematodes, and possesses some resistance to Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome.

It has been included in the conventional soybean variety tests as part of the K-State Soybean Performance Tests. Results from 2013, 2012, and 2011 are presented in the table below. The test average at each location includes the yields of certain Roundup Ready varieties used as checks.

Table 1. Yield of KS4313N (tested as K07-1633) in K-State Performance Tests at conventional variety locations

Yield in bu/acre (% of test average)




Ottawa dryland

Scandia irrigated

Ottawa dryland

Scandia irrigated

Ottawa dryland

Scandia irrigated

54 (106%)

58 (100%)

32 (102%)

64 (97%)

21 (80%)

60 (101%)

KS4313N is a good early Group IV variety for those producers looking for a conventional, non-GMO variety with yield potential competitive with current varieties. It has good oil content, good protein, good lodging scores, and average plant height for its maturity.

Seed availability for 2014 plantings will be very limited. For information on seed availability, contact Grant Corley with Corley Seed Farms at 785-489-2505 (office), 620-364-6050 (cell), or

Bill Schapaugh, Soybean Breeder

Tim Todd, Nematologist, Plant Pathology