Update: 2021 soybean planting intentions survey - Producer input requested

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The Agronomy Extension specialists at Kansas State University need your help!

We are looking for information from soybean producers across the state about their planting intentions the 2021 growing season. Participation in this very quick survey will help in the planning of our fall and winter extension presentations. This survey is completely anonymous. A summary of the results may be shared as research findings to help other Extension programs.

The cancellation of over-the-top dicamba labels in June 2020 caused considerable confusion, especially in Kansas, where the overwhelming majority of soybeans were dicamba-resistant. The expanded availability of 2,4-D-resistant soybean varieties adds to the complexity of soybean production for 2021. The main goal of this survey is to start understanding how the events of 2020 might change soybean production in Kansas during 2021. The information gathered will help ensure extension programming for 2021 will meet the needs of Kansas farmers. If this information is shared with Extension specialists in other states, no identifying information will be included. Current responses suggest that 2021 soybean acres will be approximately 2/3 dicamba-resistant and 1/3 2,4-D resistant, with a small number of famers planting some of each.


If you are willing to participate, you can find the survey here: 2021 Soybean Planting Intentions Survey.



Sarah Lancaster, Extension Weed Science Specialist

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